Rescue! Max
Rescue Max is a Action Adventure in Space written in java.
It is based on a old mac game called Rescue! by Tom Spreen.

Rescue Classic look                          Rescue Max Look

Download: Rescue! Max beta 3 ( 3.8MB

Rescue! Max requires java 1.4 or above to run. download java
Bugs and suggestions please e-mail to

Anonymous Subversion

Run the following commands in a directory that you have write access to (such as your home directory):

svn co

Browse Subversion Repository

Made By Yura Mamyrin

Ideas for new missions (themes):

Star Trek: Original
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek: Enterprise
Star Wars
Red Dwarf
Babylon 5
Crusade (Babylon 5)
Battlestar Galactica
Buck Rogers


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